Professional contractors

in London

At DVC Building Solutions, we offer a wide range of professional building services, and custom home improvements is just one of our specialities. We offer our 12 years of expertise to all who need some help with their house in order to achieve the goals of their dream home.

Home improvements cover a wide range of territory, including both interior and exterior work. We can offer our services for electrical work and plumbing, as well as tasks including masonry, concrete, siding and roofing. You may also require garden work, garage maintenance, or other additions.

These building projects work to alter the structure of your property as it stands, whether you need maintenance and repair work, or a particular kind of upgrade to your current living conditions. You may be carrying out a project to improve the comfort of your home, to create additional space, to save energy, or to make your property safer.

When it comes to your comfort, it is sometimes necessary to upgrade heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems (HVAC), or you may desire certain luxuries such as a hot tub. For areas where flooding can be an issue, you may look into waterproofing, or other rooms such as studios and home cinemas, you may require soundproofing.

As well as plumbing and electrics, there are many other maintenance and repair projects that you might need. Whether it is the roof, windows, or foundation work, we are able to handle any job no matter how big or small, including repainting rooms, walls and fences. From creating additional living spaces, to adding in insulation and double glazing windows, to using renewable energy, and adding in alarms and security systems, we work with our customers to create the home of their dreams.